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The Query That Got Me A Literary Agent!

I've always loved reading query success stories. It would give me so much hope while in the query trenches, and I'd remind myself that I've got this.

Here's the aesthetic I made for this project.

Without further ado, my query and stats below:

  • Full Requests: 14

  • Partial Requests: 3

  • Rejections: 20

Dear Katelyn,

I saw that you’re looking for diverse voices and unexpected stories that are conceptually unique. I hope you will consider my YA contemporary with a speculative twist. It can be pitched as Sadie meets The Astonishing Color of After. 

Fifteen-year-old dancer, ZHARIE (Z) YOUNG, is the only one around her who can see zombies. 

In fact, she is absolutely, positively, sure that her mother morphed into a zombie before her untimely death, and she can’t seem to figure out why. 

After months of being zombie-free, she witnesses her new neighbor transform into the undead right before her. But this time it’s different. She soon finds that he breaks all the classic rules she knew about zombies, and she can’t help but think that maybe this guy’s story will help unveil her mother’s death. 

Determined, Z is ready to do whatever it takes to find closure. As she tackles what’s real and what’s magic, she learns a new truth about the world: love can literally change you—for good or for dead.

Z IS FOR ZHARIE, ZOMBIES AREN’T REAL is complete at 57,000 words and features a diverse cast, with the MC being told from an #ownvoices perspective. It will appeal to fans of E. Lockhart and Rainbow Rowell.

I am a KC native, and I graduated with a degree in corporate communications and an emphasis in business and art. I currently work in communications for a university in Kansas, and I am a strong supporter of the We Need Diverse Books/Writers movement. When I’m not daydreaming about new stories, you can find me binge-watching YouTube or practicing West Coast Swing.

Per request, I have attached the first fifty pages below.

All my best and many wishes to you, 

Britney Lewis


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Oh, and before I forget, the next post will be about how to execute a query letter. Stay tuned!

Till next time blog world!


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