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Agents Who Respond Within A Week

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The sad truth: I spent nine years in the query trenches.

*Deep Breath*

Yeah, nine.

But it was only the last couple of years when I decided to pull on my adult pants and create an excel spreadsheet of all the literary agents I wanted to (or have) queried.

In the past, I totally took for granted what it was like getting a quick response from a literary agent. And when querying, it's so important to have a few "quick response" agents on your list to see if your query and pages are "actually" working.

I'll also note that I hated sorting through Query Tracker to find a list. This was probably due to my lack of patience. 😬

And lastly, most of the agents on this list represent YA & Children's books, though some of them also represent Adult, PB, and Graphic novels.

So, here's an extensive list of literary agents who have responded to me within a week, over the last two years:



That's everything! Who knows, if this is helpful, I can do a post on agents who have responded overnight!

Edit: Here are agents that have responded overnight:

If you've queried an agent that has responded within a week, leave your response in the comment section below - it could help a fellow querying writer!


Still have more questions? Leave a comment below.

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Till next time blog world!

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